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Size: Diameter - 80mm x Height - 38mm

Material: Grease-resitant paper

Colour: White


Discover the perfect companions for your culinary creations with our immpecable paper cake cases. Crafted with precision and care, these cake cases are designed to take your baking to the next level. Whether you're a professional pastry chef or a home baker, our cake cases are your secret ingredient to turning every treat into a masterpiece.


From birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to baby showers, elevate your cakes to a new level of sophistication with our paper cake cases. Bake with confidence, present with style, and make lasting memories. Get ready to showcase your creations in a way that's as delightful as the treats themselves.


Key Features:

Superior Quality: Made from high-quality, food-grade paper, our cake cases ensure your confections maintain their freshness, taste, and shape. 

Convenience and Durability: Featuring a sturdy construction, our cake cases offer ease of handling and transportation. They withstand the heat of the oven, keeping your cupcakes and muffins perfectly shaped.

Grease-Resistant: Say goodbye to unsightly grease stains! Our cake cases are specially designed to resist grease, ensuring your cakes stay picture-perfect from start to finish.

Eco-Friendly: We care about the planet. Our cake cases are eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious bakers.

Versatile: These versatile cake cases are ideal for various baked goods – cupcakes, muffins, brownies, and more. Let your creativity flow and delight your taste buds with endless possibilities.


Order our Paper Cake Cases today and let your baking journey begin!

White Paper Cupcake Cases (Qty per case: 400)

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