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Size: 41cm x 71cm

Material: Paper

Colour: White


Where culinary elegance meets practicality! Elevate your baking and cooking experience with this parchment paper that effortlessly combines style and functionality.


Key Features:

  • Precut and Easy to Use: Our precut white parchment paper are a cost-effective solution for all your baking needs. No need to worry about cutting your own parchment paper anymore!
  • Natural & Safe: Made from natural pulp fibers, our non stick parchment paper is food-grade and oven-grade safe, making our parchment a reliable option to use when baking your favorite treats.
  • Multiple Ways to Use: Ideal for a variety of kitchen tasks such as separating and stacking burgers or wrapping foods for storage, wrapping leftover food from the night before or preping meals, knowing all food is safe and secure.

White Baking Parchment Sheets (Qty per case: 500)

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