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Size: 240x135x60mm   
Material: PET
Colour: White


Key Fetures:

  • Useability: Our 2 cavity cupcake containers are ideal for standard sized cupcakes and all kinds of snacks, tarts or muffins. Perfect for parties, bakeries, restaurants, and food delivery businesses. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from high-quality food-grade PET, this odourless material is a safe option for your sweet treats to be contained in. With strong eco credentials, this lightweight product is highly resitant to cracking or splitting. Simply wash, dry, and reuse - whatever the occasion may be!   
  • Display & Protection: Food items can be clearly displayed inside our containers due to the transparency, allowing for easy viewing. With carefully designed hinged lids, container lids can be connected securely to the base, keeping everything inside protected and in-tact. 

2 Cavity Cupcake Containers (Qty per case: 360)

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